Keysight IoT Innovation Challenge: The Final SHOWDOWN

Six finalist teams will battle it out with their innovative IoT designs for a chance to win up to $50,000 USD cash prize and $50,000 USD worth of Keysight test equipment for their school. Watch it live on Sept. 21., 1:00 PM EDT, here.

Smart Land Challenge Finalists

  • United States and Canada

    Nikhil Murthy, Sunny Tran, Gabriella Garcia and Irin Ghosh from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for their entry,


  • Asia-Pacific and Greater China

    Tyrel Glass, Baden Parr, Darryn Wells, Madhav Kruthiventy of Massey University in New Zealand for their entry,

    CAIRNet (Climate Air Information Real-time Network)

  • Europe, Middle East, Africa, India

    Gaurav Barua, Harsh Prasad, Kishore Charan from Institute of Engineering & Management in India for their entry,

    Malaria Detection Using Foldscope

Smart Water Challenge Finalists

Given the popularity of our contest, we’ve decided to award an additional prize to those entries in each category and in each of our three contest regions with the highest number of popular votes. The recipients of the additional prize – a thermal imager, valued at $2,800 – are as follows:

Thank you to all of our almost 300 entrants and 8000 registrants from around the world. 

It takes just one idea to change the world. Together we can make a difference.