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Problem Statements ( Project is as per situation in India)

To build a complete package which could be able to count the water quantity and accordingly generate bills & to send TDS, Ph, Temp values. Also pressure and the flow rate.

The government takes the water charges based on the area of property, using some fix tariff formula, but it should be as per the consumption. There should be a automatic system to monitor, generate bills, payment option, some control over consumption in drought condition & subsidized.

As due to modern system usage of water has been increased like toilet flush; it flushes around 6 - 9 liter of water in just 10-15 sec., which wastes around 100 liter of water daily per flush.

If water flow meter installed, collecting of reading is a difficult task for Authorities.

The water quality should be tested in various parameters before use like TDS, Ph, Temp.

For some commercial applications the pressure & flow rate will be also a important factor.


The system would be connected in series with the flat main input pipe. A fan like structure inserted with some torque requirement, with one of propeller attach with magnet and balanced accordingly. The surface would be assemble with hall effect sensor. As the water flows, the fan will rotate, as the magnet propeller would pass through magnet, hall effect sensor would sensed the magnet and create a pulse, which would be counted by controller. Calibrating the number of rotation for one litre and accordingly calculation would be given. Depends upon pipe size, water velocity etc. Implementation will be wireless (IOT implementation). Once data is on the server, it will be easier to generate the bills.


From many days I wanted do a Project on IoT, So as I get to Know from Electro Boom Youtube channel, That there is a Challange, so that it. And i hope my project may help to save water.


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