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Hi everybody, my idea is using a simple TDS measure circuit and wireless connection system to build a monitor device.

How it works:

TDS measure circuit is picture1 below. By measure AD value to calculate TDS value. Then trans data to the cloud server through wireless module.

Firmware flow,

  1. Device wakeup
  2. Let I/O pin1 high and I/O pin2 low
  3. Delay some millisecond
  4. Get AD pin value
  5. Switch I/O pin2 high and I/O pin1 low
  6. Delay some millisecond
  7. Get AD pin value
  8. Average 2 AD value
  9. Upload data
  10. Device sleep

what makes it innovative / how it would be produced:

TDS measure circuit has been designed a long time ago. My propose add wireless connective expand it universal.

Thanks for the semiconductor manufacturing company, the chip is very cheap now, I think parts cost can be down to $10. The only have to be aware of is the device should be waterproof.

potential impact around the globe:

Not everybody can get/drink RO water (Reverse Osmosis) at least we can choose lower TDS value (boiled) water to drink. Hope that drinking water is no longer a factor affecting human health.


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