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WatMon idea is all about monitoring water quality across wide area. It consists of 3 major elements - boats, drones and buoys, connected in CDMA-like network using LoRaWAN technology. Main part are of course buoys, which main aim is to monitor water quality in the place where they are using a wide choice of sensors, including water temperature, salinity, turbidity and other contaminants, using off-shelf components to reduce cost and improve scalability. They are also designed to be environment friendly, using solar pannels as their main electricity source (with batteries). Their connectivity includes LoRaWAN for data exchange and GPS/Glonass module for placement info. Second most inmportant part are drones, used for deploying these buoys in place they belong. They are designed for heavy conditions, including wind and high humidity. Drones inlclude clamps system to drop and pick up buoys, magnetic ports for charging, and of course LoRa/GPS connectivity. And at last but not the least, there are boats used to convey drones and buoys to their deploy place. They consist of two/three landing places (with magnetic connectors for drone charging), buoy compartments and of course LoRa/GPS connectivity capability. They use solar pannels (embedded into landing places) and batteries as their own and drones power source. They include automated buoy loader, which tracks buoys left on deck, and issues them to drones.

Project aim is to provide low cost but effective water monitoring grid with buoys placed 1-5km apart and connected to each other with LoRaWAN technology.


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