The smart water usage and management system using IoT will provide a good water usage technique and usage of availability water in a better and efficient way.

Water supply to each and every home, offices and industries are provided with the smartest IoT water usage control and measuring systems. The supply of water to all the users that the pipelines are fixed with the water quality and quantity analysis sensors like pressure sensor, volume sensors for the volume of water used and also use turbidity, pH and phosphate sensors to check the quality of water. The water is pumped to their overhead tanks. The sensors measure the volume and quantity of the water used with LoRa systems.

And these also include measuring the quality and quantity of the outlet water source. From these all the quality and and quantity of water can be seen by the user through the smart mobile applications. The government must provide some intelligent polices and to provide and fine the users to promote and save water. If the usage of water is limited it provides some credits/points to the user to encourage you to save water. Through these we can also identify the leakages in pipes with smart systems through supply and utility of water.

Through these ways the outlet used water flows through the smart drainage systems. Here they again check the impurities and salinity and also the suspended particles in the water and also remove the bags and wastage in the water. By the analysis these are added with some chemicals and agents to purify the water and the water is again supplied through the agriculture and washing purpose and also for cleaning.

We also use other smart water saving technologies to save and utilize the water in useful ways. Use smart particles bof that and cement to construction of roads. Through usage of the material the roads can get the ability to sink the water to ground. This water is collected through the collecting channels. Smart line water she'd system. The water is distributed to all the agriculture needs and used for the water for plants planted throughout the city.

These outlet water and rain water also used for cleaning the roads like making or fixing a smart sprayers wide range. Fixed up to the underground tanks. Through the smart surveillance cameras if they found roads are not clean they can control the sprayers through smart IoT systems and clean the city. Use these planting of more tree and plants improve water storage. Through these we can save the water for future generations and also these can be widely used in urban settings to avoid water crises and provide a healthy environment.

This can revolutionize urban water management in the future.


We are inspired to to participate on these contest.because through urbanisation to agriculture we are facing the water crises due to not utilization in proper way . Through these platform we provide and share our ideas to world and implementation for future . We choose these platform as an opportunity to explore more and solve the problem in world's with smart innovation


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