The Problem
Landscape irrigation accounts for around 2/3 of water usage in the US - around 7 billion gallons a day. Many experts say that over 50% OF IRRIGATION WATER IS WASTED. When 40 states are expected to experience water shortages in the next decade, this is unacceptable. Something needs to change. That's where we come in.

Product Description
Thrive Smart Systems has created the first ever sprinkler system that is completely wireless and that utilizes solar powered moisture detectors and weather integration to optimize water usage. We predict that our solution could save up to 35% of irrigation water in the US. There are three main components to our system. 1) Control Panel - The control panel connects to your phone, allowing you to control it remotely. It also gathers weather data from the nearest weather station to optimize water usage. Because homes often experience different weather than the nearest weather station, we have a second device: 2) Solar Powered Moisture Detectors - These small golf tee-like devices stick into the ground, with the solar panels flush to the ground. They relay the moisture levels of the lawn to the control panel so it only waters when the lawn needs it. It takes into account evaporation, temperature, slope, and rainfall. 3) Wireless Valve Switch - This device goes into the pipes next to your valve box. All the valves are plugged into it, and receive a wireless signal from the control panel, knowing when to turn on and off. The Valve Switch also has a turbine that recharges the battery through water flow when the sprinkler turns on. Future generations of the Valve Switch will have leak detection.

Comparative Advantage
Our solution is unique in a several ways. 1) Even the most advanced smart sprinkler systems still have wires that run from the control panel to the valves. Our device rids of this wire. This makes it easy to add various components to your system, as well as rids of the need to retrench when a wire is short/cut, because there are no wires. Our system is cost effective, and nearly pays itself off in raw wire cost savings alone. 2) Ours is the first sprinkler solution to have self charging, in ground moisture detection that further optimizes water usage. 3) Future versions of our device will be able to collect water usage data so that we can more effectively track irrigation water usage.

After working on this for a year as students at BYU, we have a working prototype of our wireless, smart system. We are currently finishing final designs, and Orbit, a large irrigation company, has offered to help with manufacturing. Rain Bird, the largest irrigation company, has expressed interest in establishing a private licensing agreement. We are currently in discussion with them. We have $51,000 in preorders after showing our product to various professional landscapers. All of this traction will help us reach full production within a year.

The impact of our solution is difficult to exaggerate. Mass adoption of our system could save over 700 billion gallons of water a year in the US alone. This would eliminate the water shortage crisis unlike any other solution.

In a recent survey we conducted, 81% of homeowners consider water conservation a top priority when deciding to upgrade their system. People want to help conserve water, and now there's a system to help them do that, with Thrive Smarty Systems.


After talking with homeowners and landscapers about their irrigation problems, we came to understand the gravity of the problems surrounding water conservation and irrigation wiring. In an effort to solve these problems, we began designing a solution, receiving constant feedback from landscapers and water conservationists throughout the process. We are excited to compete in a challenge that helps world-changing technologies get off the ground.


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