Agriculture is the one of the oldest form of human activity, which has developed over the centuries. It has been a mode of trade, and a major reason for development in many different eras. Many kings understood this during their time and asked for development in the agricultural sector. Even today the agricultural sector has not developed enough. Even with the current technology status, many crops die today too, either due to over-irrigation or under-irrigation and many other reasons. Many times when the crops are over-irrigated, the crops die and a lot of water is wasted, a loss in every way. There is a system of usage of drip irrigation but still it needs a lot of development.

In today’s world where everything is automation, we desire to build an embedded system using raspberry pi. The system which monitors the dry running motor, change in temperature, and water content in the soil, humidity of the area, weather conditions and data from pre-existing database related to all types of crops. Machine learning algorithms is used to understand this data to decide how much the crops should be irrigated based on the type of crop, so only the required amount of water is used and the motor valves are controlled using raspberry pi to avoid human error. A SIM with internet pack is inserted into the embedded system, which accesses the cloud system, inserts data and then runs the algorithm to decide whether to irrigate or not and how much to irrigate. Additionally, an app will display all the details to the user and the user can monitor the supply of water. This system also helps in decreasing the time spent on farming as most time is spent in watering the crops.

Due to proper usage of water, this system helps in decreasing the possibility of crops dying due to over or under irrigation and saves a lot of water. This system uses readily available components so it will be easy to create and install. If damaged the cost of repair is minimal. It uses open source technology like google API for weather prediction and information so the data is approximately accurate and is easy to get.


Every man knows the status of water. Everyone is well aware of the development required in it. However, it has just been an awareness and nothing else. We want to do something to save water for not just for the future generation but for future itself. Water is like a golden commodity. Something which is surplus but we can use only so much of it and yet, we are wasting it. We wanted to solve that using technology and IoT is our answer. Everything is automation so why not water too and a major place where water is wasted and required at the same time is the field of agriculture. The base of human civilization. That is why we plan to start from there.


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