Rooftop water tank water monitoring is important for conservation and regulation of usable and potable water. Water is wasted due to overflow and leakage; this is a common problem in developing and least developing countries. Overflow can be known after some time but leakage is known after long time. On the other hand, water quality issue is common, nobody know turbidity, pH of water in real and non-real time. Along with amount of water is flowing as per utilities.

If all those problems could be solved and minimized via deployment of smart water management system. Health status of people will be good and maintained which occur due to water quality issue. Because people judge water by transparency and taste only, not by internal composition. To develop and design a smart water management system, concept of IoT and sensor integration with embedded software deployment is important. To build or manufacture a system we will use sensor namely water flow sensor to monitor amount of water flow, pH and turbidity sensor to know water quality and mini water turbine and small solar system to generate a power which could be utilized to run circuitry not dependent on an external power supply. Along with this we add facilities to monitor water level and water pump motor on -off from anywhere or automatically.  To monitor and control development of concept of IoT will be done. To implement IoT, we will use Lora, Sigfox and NB-IoT technology because its range is high and consumes less power. Many areas suffer from unregular internet connectivity in many urban areas due to dense population especially in least developing ountries. So, in our end product for connectivity all facilities will be available to make proper connectivity.

In urban areas water plays an important role to sustain life, so water quality should be used as per utilities and quality should be known. Unwanted water pump running increases electricity bill and water overflow increase wastage of water as well as cause internal problem. Many people will say, I have water filter system, but what is a surety it is running and filtering water properly because there is no display to show parameters like pH, Turbidity, dissolved oxygen and color.

We have developed a dashboard to control and monitor a system:

It is at the protoype stage.


smart water theme inspired us.we want to do work for water quality monitoring system.and your platform help us to receive resource and platform to develop a system to the the end product.


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