1. Our idea "Se-T-Go" stand for "Sensor-To-Go." This represents how sensors can be compact and easy to be carried or moved. Se-T-Go an be attached to all kinds of boats or ships (but mainly, we chose a ferryboat for this project because there are varied routes and timetables so it will minimize cost of installation) to collect data, including temperature, pH, depth, turbidity, etc., especially DO (Dissolved oxygen) to see if animals and plants are able to survive in the water. All data will be collected by sensors then will be compiled and sent to the Cloud by simatic IoT 2040. We use ThingSpeak cloud as a cloud server for all data to be not only stored but also analyzed here after this point all analyzed data will be displayed at monitor for an operator. At the monitor all analysed data will be shown as gauge or number to be easier to understand and also show LEDs to present water's condition (Normal-Green, Warning-Yellow, Dangerous-Red). The operator can use smart devices such as a smart phone or tablets as a monitor. Moreover, we use GSM as location tracking in case of we want to collect a water sample or track Se-T-Go. Se-T-Go can work real-time except with contaminants because our team has considered that water's contaminants are quite stable so we can collect a water sample and use a chemical test. This way can also minimize sensor cost. Speaking of hardware, Se-T-Go will install a solar cell to help expand battery life.

2. Se-T-Go is a new idea that a sensor can go anywhere and the operator can works with collected data real-time. Se-T-Go is a mixture of technology and knowledge that not only collects data but also helps you analyze all the collected data and conclude it into information by a programmed process at the Cloud server. This could help reduce your working time.

3. First, produce hardware after that program software that will be used at Cloud server and how to be displayed at monitor. Finally, follow up all the collected data at monitor.

4. The analyzed data will tell water's condition which means that the operator can use that information directly to find the easiest way to improve the water and all the information will let you know whether it can be used for consumption or not. Se-T-Go can be used in a very small water source (ex. canal, pond) and also in a very big water source (ex. lake, river, ocean).


Due to the water crisis in the future that more than 5 billion people could suffer water stress from climate change , increased demand and polluted supplies , so our team have been thinking about the idea that mix technology and knowledge together ,real-time working , able to use everywhere and not too complicated to understand ,so we decided that the monitor will show only analysed information so whoever that see the information will understand easily.


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