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Potholes on roads is a major issue for every automobile user and these deadly potholes are one of the top reasons for accidents and death on roads in India. In 2017 nearly 3600 people lost their lives in India due to these dreaded potholes. 

Major reason for these potholes is the very high usage of these roads due to the population of the country, frequent drainage repairs by the local authorities by damaging the roads and not fixing them up later, rain, people digging roads for drawing power lines for their home and the poor maintenance of roads by the local bodies.

In a given street anywhere apart from the “rich areas” in my city (Bangalore) one can easily spot more than 2 to 3 potholes and when we consider all the streets in the state and in a bigger picture in the country as a whole the count is very large. These potholes are not only present in the street but also in high traffic main roads which causes daily traffic due to slow movement of the vehicles.

Maintenance of such huge number of potholes becomes difficult for the local bodies. Our solution is “PotBase.” PotBase is an Android app designed by us where individuals can login into our database and geotag pothole pictures with their corresponding latitude and longitude numbers. When large numbers of people start to contribute to share the pothole images by geotagging them, we will have a complete database of the various potholes present across the city. Now with this data we can apply machine learning to identify potholes which needs immediate attention and then this processed data is shared with the local bodies corresponding to the areas associated with the pothole location. This ensures an effective and systematic way for repairing the potholes.

Nowadays, every household has at least two smartphones and internet connectivity in India is on a rise with daily new user count soaring exponentially. (refer -

With such connectivity the smartphone which is a bundle of sensors makes an ideal transducer for such an IoT project.

How the app works: 

  1. User takes a picture of the pothole with his default camera app.
  2. User provides his name, email ID and a password to register him/her into the database.
  3. The registered individual now needs to login with their credentials.
  4. Upon successful login the user needs to open their gallery to select the previously taken picture.
  5. By pressing the upload button the photo is uploaded to the database along with the current latitude and longitude obtained from the GPS of the mobile of phone.
  6. The Image obtained is passed on to a Machine Learning model to identify the severity of the pothole, its authenticity and repetition (Not implemented as of now).
  7. Processed data is sent to the respective local bodies.

Investment and Plan of Attack:

  1. This project is solely dependent on the citizens who are going to use this app and therefore a wide awareness program is needed to spread the word to everyone. Marketing of the app and investing into advertisement is the first phase of investment in the project.
  2. A dedicated team must be setup to maintain and debug the errors in the app and release timely updates to make the process seamless for anyone despite their age.
  3. Maintenance of the database on a cloud network is not free and with increased traffic, investment on data storage and safety is necessary.


  1. Internet connectivity is must of the working of the app and in interior rural villages connectivity is still a dream.
  2. Spreading awareness about the app to bring in large number of people to contribute to the cause.
  3. False and repetitive data needs to be taken care for effective implementation.

PotBase aims to fix one pothole at a time and put an end to the unfortunate deaths that it has caused in these past years.

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To help our society and that's it. :)


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