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Today traffic is endlessly increasing which directly leads to the increase of the response time of an emergency vehicle. Because of which lots of valuable lives are lost each and every single day. To get rid of this problem we have created a device called as STLCS (Smart Traffic Light Control System) for every emergency vehicle. So there is a small device to be fitted in every traffic light which you want to manipulate and you have to install an STLCS app in your mobile phone (generally the mobile phone of the ambulance driver or in the tabs fitted in the emergency vehicle). When the emergency vehicle driver receives an emergency call a window pops up which allows the driver to choose from the various option. Now as soon as the emergency vehicle reaches near any traffic light the system will automatically manipulate the traffic light accordingly and make a free path for that emergency vehicle. So the usp of the idea are it uses special inbuild indication to make others aware of the presence of an emergency vehicle at a junction. Secondly, the system uses dual priority technique and uses a special ai system to increase the efficiency of the system.

Overall it's the only and the best traffic light manipulation system for an emergency vehicle. It can save millions of lives within india itself and can bring a really big impact in the whole world. All the emergency vehicle can work on there maximum efficiency and can save life. Just with a really low cost, we can provide this service to every emergency vehicle with the help of IoT.


The impact of the solution was the one which inspired us to innovate and change the world.


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