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We know how problematic the situation is when we are trying to find parking in many cities around the world. The race to find a parking spot leads to many situations where people are driving around the lots and corners. That results in waste of fuel along with pollution. I propose a smart parking solution.

I envision a small multi-sensor installed in and around parking spots. That multi-sensor would be a built with ultrasonic range sensors along with light sensors. In one parking lot there will be multiple sensors. One sensor would be able to monitor two parking spots. The sensors will work as mesh. The sensors will use bluetooth low energy to communicate with each other and then connect to one master control unit which will update the data to the cloud. This way we can make the sensors work on batteries for a long time. Each sensor in the parking lot will be assigned to the unique parking lot identifier.

Statuses of each parking lot will be update in real time. End user, through an app, will be able to see which parking lot is available to park. This will save the user going round and about a parking lot to find space.


Parking around downtown in Toronto is very difficult. I usually spend 20-30 min just trying to find parking spots


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