Objective of Invention:
The objective of the invention is to increase the food production and to decrease the food scarcities by using less amount of water, natural soil farming and natural manures because the population is in fact having an inflation in its size which results in more scarcities. Thus as days pass by there is need for more food production and habitation. Due to habitational purposes the population directly decreases the amount of cultivable lands and forests areas which in fact leads to deforestation and due to which the other factors and consequence of global warming takes place. 


1. The invention will increase the food production level by using natural farming techniques.
2. The use of sub-surface irrigation system will reduce the wastage of water by supplying it directly to the roots.
3. As the water is being is directly supplied to the roots, the top surface of the soil will stay at moderate moisture level. So there, will no possibilities for weed growth(unwanted plants).
4. Due to sub-surface irrigation system disposal of water by means of evapotranspiration by the plants is increased.
5. The civil techniques used in the invention will increase the farming land.
6. The vegetables or Organic wastes produced in the house will be used as organic manure for the farming land after the decomposition of organic or vegetables wastes.
7. The natural or Organic , matters helps in growing plants and also helps in increasing the sustainability of the soil.
8. The artificial plant light has the ability to necessary photons to nature the plant.
9. The Ventilation System helps in plant growth and in maintance of temperature in the underground.
10. The Climatic Condition will not affect the plant growth (or) food production, thus the damage of crops due to heavy rain (or) Storm will be avoided.
11. When the climatic condition of heavy rain comes into play the water can be stored and it can be used for the cultivation of plant in an efficient manner. 

The form factor of sunlight is replaced by with the substantial 4.5w full spectrum 27 LED PLANT LIGHT DC 5v/USB Metal flexible tube light, Which serves as artificial light for the plants. As already proven that the photons and all colors of spectrum that comes from sunlight. The Rating of 4.5w full spectrum 27 LED PLANT LIGHT DC 5v/ USB metal flexible tube light is 4.3 of 5. 


The water utilised in this system is less due to the usage of sub-surface irrigation system. The idea of sub-surface irrigation system is made use do that the water is effectively and efficiently used in the idealogy. The wastage of water is been reduced due to the usage of sub-surface irrigation system, because the water is directly supplied to roots, the top surface of the soil remains in the moderate moisture level. So the production of weeds is prevented by the usage of system. 


We know the process of plant letting out O2 and taking in CO2, Thus the plants needs fresh air for good growing of plants. So, the use of exhaust fan (or) ventilation System helps in maintaining the process, which in turn serves as the inlet and outlet for the air passage in the given ideology.

The Sensors like Soil moisture sensor, Temperature sensor, Humidity Sensor is being used to maintain a stable Environment condition according to the requirement of plants. 

Soil Moisture Sensors:
The Soil Moisture Sensors is being used to measure range of the soil. Soil Moisture Sensor is connected with microcontroller like Ardunio Uno. Where the conditions will be executed in the microcontroller. When the Soil Moisture Sensing range exceeds a particular level, The pumping motor gets on moisturing and supplies the water to the soil. Once the soil reaches the moderate moisture level the motor turns off and the working comes back to intial state. 

Temperature Sensors:
The temperature Sensor is being used to measure the temperature of the environment. The Temperature sensor is connected with microcontroller, When the Temperature Sensing range exceeds a particular level, the intensity of lights is being reduced (or) turned off and the ventilation system (or) exhaust fan is turned on. Once the Temperature across the environment reaches the moderate level, The ventilation System is being turned off and the light is being turned on with low intensity.



As we are in need to increase the productivity of food and to increase the productivity we are in need of land.So,we decided to create a artificial Agricultural land under the home for production in order to make it more protective and effective,we have used iot in it.


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