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Safety and security of civilians is one of the major issues countries of the world are facing today. For the safety and security of people I have developed a smart vest. The vest contains bullet and knife wound detector sensors, GPS, pulse sensor, harmful gas sensor and much more. The bullet and knife sensor is made of copper strips and velostat and waterproof cloth. The health parameters of the civilian is constantly monitored and as soon as any of the parameters goes below the threshold the data is sent to the person's family as well as the nearest hospital and the police. The data communication is done by LoRaWAN technology. So now if someone wearing the vest is in danger or is being attacked or thinks he is in danger he can simply get his real-time location and health parameters sent to the people he trusts.

The idea is innovative by making use of simple materials like velostat and waterproof fabric a sensor to map the body of a person can be created and by using LoRAWAN for data communication the power requirements of the sensors and other systems can be met. Overall the vest can be built to be rugged and lightweight because we wouldn't require huge batteries and the vest would look as normal as every other vest.

The gun and knife cut sensor would be produced by using a simple waterproof cloth, copper tapes and velostat. The electronics of the system can be done on a desinged PCB. This system doesn't require any huge manufacturing process as it is developed by using everyday materials and common electronic parts.

The impact of the system would be huge because people would feel somewhat safe and also the probability of saving a life of a person caught up in dangerous situation would increase. People would want to use this system for the safety and security of their loved ones.


People lose life because emergency services cannot reach them when they are in distress or in a dangerous situation. Many lives have been lost because the medical services have reached late to a person. But by employing technology such situations can be avoided. This project is for saving lives and improving the safety and security of the people. Lives are important and saving lives of people is what inspired me.


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