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As humanity progresses more and more people are residing in urban areas and as the population of urban areas increases, this leads to increase in traffic. Due to traffic on roads many emergency services such as fire trucks and ambulances couldn't reach their required destination quickly and many people lose their life, And as the population of urban areas increases there is demand for higher and higher skyscrapers where firefighting trucks couldn’t reach during emergency situations. My idea is based on a smart unmanned firefighting drone that could reach its required destination by flying.

My firefighting drone is made of an airship and two smart monocopter, airship carries the water and foam needed for firefighting and supplies it to monocopter with the help of pipelines. When a fire alarm goes off the computers in airship would note the location of the fire and make a path towards that location using GPS when the airship is launched it will follow the path, to avoid any electric wires and obstacle in path it will use ultrasonic proximity sensor and change its path when needed, when the airship is at the location it will use its thermal camera to see through the smoke and will use machine learning to recognise fire in thermal image, with the help of carbon dioxide sensor, infrared sensor and thermal temperature sensor fire will be confirmed and the monocopter will be detached from the airship body using thermal camera and using image recognition they will make precise calculation on where the fire is located and will start extinguishing fire using water supplied from the airship above, it could also use water from the firefighting truck and bypass the water to the monocopter. Monocopter are covered with thermal protective sheet to protect equipment from the heat if the fire is extinguished it will use its thermal camera, carbon dioxide sensor and infrared sensor to confirm it using algorithm on onboard computer.

This type of firefighting drone could help save many people's lives as it is faster than fire fighting trucks and in urban areas where there is problem related to traffic this is a useful system, as it is unmanned it will not need any crew member to operate it, it could stop the fire from spreading until the fire trucks arrive, it could be used to extinguish fires on top floor of a skyscraper where the fire truck can't reach.

To make it power efficient and to increase its flying time it uses the heat radiated by the fire to produce electrical energy and store it in LIPO battery, as it is unmanned and doesn't need a human to control it but it could switch to a mode in which it could be controlled manually. Airship and monocopter have many smart sensors such as thermal camera which act as eyes of monocopter and airship which are used to detect fire hotspot and used to see through the smoke, carbon dioxide sensor which are used to detect carbon dioxide concentration in the air, infrared sensor which are used to detect specific infrared rays radiated by fire , thermal temperature sensor which are used to detect temperature and proximity sensor to avoid any obstacle while firefighting. Computer on board uses data from the sensor and by using machine learning algorithms it processes the data and confirms the presence of fire, it uses all the sensors as feedback loop and updates itself many times.

The drone's onboard computer is made by using commonly available raspberry pi and Arduino. Both the boards work together and process the data given by sensors. The sensors used in this project are cheap and commonly available in any electronics store.


Mumbai has always faced problem of traffic on roads due to overpopulation, one day when I was walking to attend my lecture I saw a fire truck which was stuck in traffic and there was no way the fire truck could move the fire truck was in an emergency situation as it was continuously honking and was trying to get out of traffic, at that point i thought that using my engineering knowladge i should make a unmanned firefighting drone that could fly and reach its destination which could help save many people's life.


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