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Asthma Weather App is genuinely being designed for asthmatic patients to alarm them before any emergency comes. We are a team of skilled and qualified developers keenly motivated to assist the people with respiratory issues like asthma patients. Our app is being developed to alarm any kind of situation which could trigger any asthmatic patient’s condition. We are developing an utterly eligible and functioning app to update you about pollen ratio (or any other allergic component) in each and every city of the world. The Asthma Weather App would have the following goals to achieve:

⦁ To update the asthmatic patients about the ratio of allergens in a particular area in the past
⦁ To alarm them about the current situation of the area
⦁ To forecast about the density of allergens
⦁ To give details about the types of allergens such as dust and pollen.

How does the Asthma Weather App work?

Basically, the Asthma Weather App will connect numerous sensors which are perfectly distributed in the streets of various cities. These sensors would be perfectly designed & developed – which would enable them to detect any minor disturbance in the allergen’s ratio. This app wouldn’t be tough to use. The user-interface of this app is quite easy to use. The user will be provided a map from where he can get the idea of the situation. So, whenever you are planning to go out with friends or wish to go shopping – just check Asthma Weather App once to check out the condition and density of the allergens in that particular area where you are planning to go.

Will it be accurate?

Yes, Asthma Weather App will provide the most authentic and accurate results about the situation of allergens in any area. For examination and confirmation of our idea’s results, we would compare the results of Asthma Weather App with the results from different international organizations – and hopefully, we will get exactly the same result. Actually, the main cause of this accuracy is our fully function sensor which is operating 24x7. Our allergen-detecting sensors wouldn’t be just limited to a short area. We will prevail our sensors over a really large area. We would be keen to update our users every second about the conditions of a particular place and to tell them whether it's good for them to go out or not.

What makes the Asthma Weather App to stand out among other weather apps?

The Asthma Weather App isn’t like other challenging ideas because of its usage and wide applications in our daily life. Asthmatic patients are increasing day by day and there is not any such convenient source to give out most authentic and genuine information just for the betterment of asthmatic patients. The only reason which led our minds to the Asthma Weather App was using technology to help out asthmatic patients. As we all know, smartphones are now approachable for everyone. Likewise – asthmatic weather wouldn’t be a gadget to buy, it would be a free of cost app to help poor asthmatic people who can’t buy pricey gadgets and equipment. Our developers are trying to make this app really worthy and useful for asthmatic patients because they often face serious emergencies just because of a sudden boost in the quantity of allergens. But if you will be using the Asthma Weather App you could avoid any kind of serious asthmatic emergency because this app would keep you updated about the current situation of city and also forecast the upcoming conditions. All other ideas and inspirations we were to thinking about were either pricey or were requiring too many raw materials.

This app will be unique because it would not cost its user a single penny. It would be free and it would not require any other processing complexions. Implementing this idea on smartphones was because smartphones are handy devices and every person where he goes his smartphone goes with him. The Asthma Weather App would be just like other ordinary smartphone apps but it would of great use for asthmatic patients.

Potential Impact of Asthma Weather App around the Globe:

The Asthma Weather App hopefully will earn great respect in the online world. Our main focus is to help the asthmatic patients. In this technological era, we would just be utilizing the latest methodologies and technologies to help the asthmatic patients to avoid any serious emergency. With the help of this app, each and every asthmatic patient can plan their weekends, holidays and parties. This app will provide a complete weather condition schedule, so if an asthmatic patient is planning to go out on the weekend then the app would be very useful to you because it would alarm you about the allergen’s condition in the area where are you planning to go. This could help you to keep more medications. When an asthmatic patient is guided perfectly then he can surely make some safety measures and health security precaution. That’s all about our Asthma Weather App – we’re pretty sure if this app is developed perfectly then it could help all asthmatic patients to a great extent.


To be honest, when we sign up for this competition, we were just hoping to create something quick and easy. After we found our idea project about asthma weather application and how much this project relates to us, we became really inspired to work on it. When we first encounter this competition, our first thought was what problem do we all have? So far, that problem was having asthma, which strips away our opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. We researched about this topic and found that lots of individuals has a similar problem. After thinking this idea through, we came up with a solution that could help us solve this problem. We thought of an application like a weather application, but instead it tells us the level of pollen and dust. With this solution, it could help people like us to know when it is safe for us to enjoy the outdoors. The majority of my teammates suffer from asthma, and all of them enjoys outdoors activities such as sports and jogging. Due to pollen and dust, which causes their asthma to react, they were forced to stay inside. For this reason, it really encourages us to make this project work. We engaged through this project, coming up many ideas that would make our project work. We believe that if this application was available like a weather application, it would encourage more people to go outside and make our society more fun.


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