As our population expands and the world becomes more industrialized, our environment and necessities of life degrade. Clean water and air are a luxury to some and will soon become an exorbitant commodity. Space colonization while promising is not an imminent solution to solve our problems. We need to make drastic changes to our world now.

We’ve designed the Chronus, a sensor network strategy that will be used on a global scale and operates on 4 key pillars: affordable, reliable, interactive and easy to use through mobile app, and convenient for making reparations and monitoring.

The Chronus utilizes cheap and robust sensors that users can install in their homes and cars to allow them to see the contaminants in the water they drink, the air they breathe, the data they use, and the nearby sources of sound. These sensors will also be utilized by water distribution centers, Clean Air Task Force, and Alliance for Affordable Internet. By having this open source platform, our world will be informed of the changes that need to be made and will be able to work together to make this change.

Using proprietary nanomaterials, we’ve designed multi-layered membrane water sensors that are not only durable but accurate and precise in water potability measurements. These water sensors will be placed along the distribution of water from the water plant all the way to homes, where users can easily install it under their sink. And by having it installed in homes, users can see the potability of their water using their phones.

Similarly, our air quality sensors for indoor use allow users to view the air quality in their homes and even take matters into their own hands by turning the camera on their device on to find the source of contaminants using built-in object recognition technology. This will them to then take care of the contaminant or call authorities when exposure levels become hazardous.

The Chronus’ reach also expands outdoors. By using real-time system that synchronizes the data across all platforms and renders it into a constantly updating map, with previous data being visible, the world will know what’s going on, at all times. Through mobile devices, data quality and sound can be seen so that users know where they can grab a coffee as they browse the internet or find a quiet spot to study. Even drivers can make use of the Chronus by installing the sleek metal box containing air, sound, and data sensors onto their cars. These sensors are coated with thin yet durable hydrophobic coatings, to allow the sensors to operate even under the harshest of weathers. By having sensors installed onto cars, the sensors monitoring range can be expanded compared to placing them at fixed locations, all while having to produce and install less on a global scale.

For less than $100 for the automotive and in-home platform, and for free on users phones, the Chronus addresses all of these issues and meshes together so that people can stay informed and help our world while indoors, walking outside, and driving. And by having the information relayed to water distribution centers, Clean Air Task Force, and Alliance for Affordable Internet, our quality of life can be improved and monitored to lead us to a more sustainable and fruitful life.


Despite living in Canada, these problems with our world are apparent to us and are very distressful. And these problems are even more apparent to our friends and family across the world. As engineers, we want to be able to conceive and implement our ideas to make the world a better place. Also… tuition is expensive and winning 50, 000 USD is a good incentive to find the time to innovate to change the world for the better.


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