Heart attacks are nowadays common to any age group. Worldwide around 17.9 million people die annually due to heart attacks. Most of the deaths are due to unavailability of help at the required time. So we can save most of the people from heart attacks by using IoT technology, by providing a 24/7 monitoring using a wrist band, which is like a watch.

When a person has sudden cardiac arrest the heartbeat sensor detects it and sends an alert message to the emergency help center with the location to provide immediate response and adding to it the alert message will be sent to any family member. Thus the possibility of saving the person is increased. The health of your dear ones can also be monitored by the app which has a connection with the device which updates the heart rate of the person wearing it.

Not only heartbeat monitoring but also there are many other features. They are fall detection sensors which measure every vibration of the body and differentiate it from the fall as identified by the neural networks of artificial intelligence. Not stopping with that, we have body temperature measurement, footsteps measurement, body dehydration measurement and in the future development of the product we can add many useful features.


The death of people during heart attack due to lack of help inspired us to do something to save those lives.


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