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Introduction :

The contribution of technology over the past three decades has turned human life upside down. The involvement of technology gives beneficial effects for the human race. It helps us to save time and energy from many perspectives. The lack of utilization of technology might lead us to inefficient time and energy management. All of us are depending on some sort of technology for our daily lives or career propose. Now the technology expands its new branch for safe environment and human race. The miniature computer known as an embedded system is being used to monitor, analyse or detect physical phenomena. By that the probability to safe environment and accidents have increased dramatically. According to the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (FRDM), 49,875 fire accidents had occurred in 2016 and RM 2.9 Billion value assets had been lost due to fire accidents. 3,178 residential buildings were involved in those accidents. FRDM has organized more than 6,000 awareness programs annually throughout the nation to reduce the rate of fire accidents. By using the knowledge of Computer Science, we introduce a Portable Fire Prevention and Alert system that can help to control the rate of the accidents at residential premises. The Portable Fire Prevention and Alert System helps to detect the leakage of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and abnormal temperature at residential buildings. The Portable Fire Prevention and Alert System will alarm to alert the user and make a phone call to the user instantly whenever leakage of LPG or abnormal temperature is detected. Meanwhile, turn off the power supply and gas supply of the house. Moreover, the exhaust fan will be activating to evacuate the combustible gas and heat. By that the user will be able to prevent fire accidents at residential buildings.

How it works:

There are 4 different circuits in this system. All of them are connected via Bluetooth connection. The first circuit is consisting of Arduino mega, LPG sensor, temperature sensor, GSM module, 5V relay, mini siren and the Bluetooth modules. Moreover, there is a nodeMCU which is connected to Blynk Application via home network. Those Bluetooth modules are master modules. Each of it has its own slave modules to connect. The first Bluetooth module is connected to electric circuit. The second Bluetooth module is connected to the gas circuit. The third Bluetooth module is connected to the exhaust fan circuit. By default, the master Bluetooth modules will transmit ‘0’ value to its slave module. Whenever the system is triggered by crossing the threshold, all the master modules will transmit ‘1’ value to its slave module. By that, the system will alert user by making a call and setting off an alarm. Moreover, the system will turn off the power and gas supply of the house immediately.

Power consumption:

The power consumption of this system is high. Therefore, this system requires rechargeable batteries to operate. The batteries can last for one week only. Meanwhile, the storage of this batteries can increase by using solar panels.

What makes it innovative :

Most of the existing fire prevention system are only able to detect the presence of combustible and alert the user. If the reaction of the user is slow, the probability to lose the entire property and beloved one is extremely high. Therefore, in this system we have reaction system which are able to turn off the power and gas supply of the house. even the user far away from home the probability of fire accident is still low.

How it would be produced :

The Portable Fire Prevention and Alert System is easy to produce because all the necessary components are available in the online market like Amazon, Shopee or Lazada. By referring to user manual anyone can produce the system within 2 hours. For massive production, the manufacture can use a single purpose microcontroller. By that, the power consumption of the system will be low and will produce high performance.

Its potential impact around the globe:

The deployment of the Portable Fire Prevention and Alert System will save thousands of lives and assets. It will also help to reduce the rate of fire accidents in the residential areas around the world. By that, the residents will lead their life towards a safer world. Prevention is better than cure.


The rate of fire accidents at residential premises is high compared to other premises in Malaysia. However, no specific product to prevent the fire accidents. The existing system are expensive. The moderate residents are refuse to install it due to high price. Therefore, the Portable Fire Prevention and Alert System is introduce to solve all those problems.


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