Humanity is losing the battle for clean air. Despite decades of efforts to combat it, air pollution is taking a growing toll on human health, the environment, and the economy. Environmental pollution is the key concern in today’s era. It does not have any borders – each member of our planet is affected by its devastating effects.

The major concern associated with polluted air is its destructive health effects. It contributes largely to heart diseases, respiratory infections, lung cancer, stroke, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  

Every day, we inhale thousands of gallons of air — mostly nitrogen, oxygen,carbon dioxide,methane and a smattering of other gases. But that air also contains tiny particles spewed from power plants, industrial factories, and vehicles. These pollutants can trigger heart attacks, strokes, and irregular heart rhythms, especially in people who already have or who are at risk for heart disease. Cardiovascular disease accounts for one of every three deaths in this country. And there's a clear, established biological link between air pollution and heart disease.

IOT based wearable air pollution and heart rate monitoring device is used to monitor the air quality and heart rate over a real time database using wifi. There are sufficient amount of harmful gases present in the air like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and methane and show the air quality in PPM along with the quality levels on the OLED and as well as android app ”nodemcu” so that air pollution can be monitored very easily. The system uses MQ7, MQ9, MQ135 for monitoring air quality and a heart rate sensor for monitoring heart rate.


Day by day air pollution is increasing at an alarming rate deteriorating environment and leading to several health ailments.But we can't measure how much it is harmful to us.So,we thought of making a wearable and portable device which monitors heart rate as well as pollutants levels along with air quality.


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