We know that nowadays our planet Earth is running behind the threat of running out of water. It has been assumed that we will run out of water by 2040. The other problem that we face nowadays is soil eruption and its pureness. Farmers nowadays cannot find an appropriate land to do farming or the people cannot find a correct land to do their construction activities. The other problem that we face is we do not know the sufficient amount of water that plants require. Due to this they either wilt away or get dried. For example a banana tree may require 15 liters of water per day whereas a palm tree may require only 10. Thus feeding them the sufficient amount will make them healthier and stronger. The other fact is that we do not have enough time to spend with them though we love gardening. In order to overcome these problems, we came up with an idea to make our world better.

Objectives of this idea:

1. To save water
2. To produce the required amount of water to plants
3. To check the qualities and parameters of the soil
4. To save time

What our device does:

1. Checks parameters like moisture, turbidity, humus content, minerals (like potassium,nitrogen, ammonia, calcium, oxygen, other gases), alkalinity, acidity, texture constant, porosity, water retentivity of the soil.

2. Analyzes the amount of water required by the plant and automatically waters it

Significance of our work:

1. The device setup helps in manual measurement of the parameters and watering of plants.
2. Mobile app helps in controlling the device from anywhere at any time.

How our idea works:

Hardware: Bulb sensor and flex sensors are combined as a chip which is used to measure the quality of the soil. A CGM module is used in the checking of the amount of glucose or sugar content present in the soil and fixes it automatically. The device mainly works on arduino.

App: A handy mobile app with coding is created with the help of blynk. Here the user has two options. One is either he/she can set a timer or the app itself does the job for him/her. Through this app, the device can be controlled with ease.

How can it be produced:

Our project is on mini scale where in the soil quality can be measured up to a distance of 15 acres. In order to take this to the next level, proper high level datasheet must be created with algorized report to extend this to further distance.


Recently, i visited a slum area where a massive accident of building collapse took place. The reason for that was the soil in which the building was constructed was not strong enough. So in order to prevent such accidents, anyone can use this device to check their land's quality. Also this will be useful in planting trees at appropriate places. The other point is the interest we have in gardening. We just wanted to improve gardening techniques and make it a lot easier.

Potential impact around the globe:

People will definitely find it useful especially in the future as our work does three in one when the water prices will increase very badly. Also this device can be used in checking quality of soil in construction, farming, irrigating, gardening etc.

The fact that it is portable will definitely make this idea in demand. People will find it easier to water their plants in no time.


1.Since it's really high time to save the planet from water scarcity, we decided to capitulate this idea 2. We are really fond of gardening and hence thought of activating this automatic watering system 3. The slum visit really gave us an idea about the people suffering from impure soil quality in their area as they were not sure about their land 4. Help people to choose an appropriate land through soil check


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