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Air pollution is usually a big problem in urban areas, and affects people's health and quality of life.

Water pollution can also be a significant issue, as its affects the living ecosystem of the water. The effect of water pollution indirectly will also affect humans, by food (fish) and drinking water.

A network of Sigfox connected air/water quality monitoring stations would help to get a clear picture of the air/water quality in each location. The data then can be used to identify and eliminate the pollution sources.

I propose to build a Proof of Concept of this system.

The solution will consists in Sigfox connected devices with an air or water quality sensor in it. The device will be powered from a Li-Ion Battery and a Solar Panel will be used to keep the battery charged.

The device will connect to the Sigfox Network and will send sensor data (air/water quality attributes) to the Sigfox Cloud. From there the data will be routed to the AWS IoT. A set of AWS service (Lambda, EC2 instances, S3) will be used to process that data, publish it to a web interface and send alerts in case of anomalies detected.

Li-Ion Battery
Solar Panel + charging circuitry
Air Quality Sensor (MQ-135)
Water Quality Sensor (for water quality sensing applications)

Sigfox Cloud
Amazon AWS - IoT + other services
Arduino IDE


Air and water pollution are a big issue in densely populated areas. I think, this problem can be addressed efficiently using IoT technology.


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